Five Elements Qigong for Beginners

There are times where our bodies feel run down, fatigue and something just feels “off.” I have had plenty of those days where I could feel that my body was overly-stressed and that is usually when I would get sick. I would constantly run myself down without properly analyzing how much was “too much” for me. I mean, when you are in your 20’s, you are some unstoppable force right? Nothing can stop you and you must do everything in your power to keep pushing through.

However, your body will quickly tell you “no, you are being silly and I will shut you down” which is how I would usually get sick.

At the time, I did not really understand how to properly regulate myself in a way that felt “healthy” to me. Luckily, when I was in acupuncture school, we were taught qigong classes as part of our curriculum. The Five Elements Qigong was one of the first formal sets I learned and it has been the most impacting in my life. I still refer back to this set whenever I need it and it has never failed me. I still end up referring back to these exercises and finding myself more in tune with my body.

Five Elements Qigong Helps

  • Harmonize the internal organs and help them move without stagnation
  • Decrease stress and relieve pain Improve sleep function
  • Increase energy for the day
  • Calm the mind while getting more in tune with your own body

What’s Included in the Course

  • Introduction on what Qigong is and how to properly practice it in your daily life
  • Easy to follow detailed video instructions on each qigong exercise
  • Downloadable detailed PDFs about each qigong exercise and their background information

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Lesson 1 - Introduction to Qi Gong

  • 2

    Five Elements Qi Gong

    • Wu Ji Posture and Lung Qi Gong

    • Lung Qigong Exercise (Metal)

    • Lung Qigong and Metal Element PDF

    • Kidney Qigong Exercise (Water)

    • Kidney Qigong and Water Element PDF

    • Liver Qigong Exercise (Wood)

    • Liver Qigong and Wood Element PDF

    • Heart Qigong Exercise (Fire)

    • Heart Qigong and Fire Element PDF

    • Spleen Qigong Exercise (Earth)

    • Spleen Qigong and Earth Element

    • Entire Five Elements Qigong Exercise

  • 3

    Triple Heater (San Jiao) Qigong Exercises

    • Upper Jiao Qigong Exercise

    • Middle Jiao Qigong Exercise

    • Lower Jiao Qigong Exercise

    • Triple Heater (San Jiao) PDF

    • Upper, Middle and Lower Jiao Qigong Exercises

  • 4

    Four Standing Posts

    • Four Standing Posts Exercises

    • Four Standing Posts PDF

    • Entire Five Elements Qigong Exercises

What Our Students Are Saying

Excellent Teacher!

Chris Goddin

Dr Khanita is an excellent qigong teacher. It feels like she takes the time to really teach you the correct form and the WHY behind each movement. Love it. Highly recommended!